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Spoken English Classes

Spoken English Classes

Spoken English Classes

(Speaking correct and fluent English is as important as eating the right food. )

The Boss Academy introduces to you a Spoken English class in Serampore for the first time . This is a weekend classes where you will gain confidence and speak English fluently .

Many feel English is something kids will learn with time or it is something you learn once you grow up.
But it is not so. Just like your child goes to school from a very young age. English is something that is learnt with practice and consistent efforts..

What  you will learn here?

  1. Proper Grammar
  2. Better Vocabulary
  3. both formal and informal communication skills
  4. speak on topics
  5. write better sentences and paragraphs
  6. and lots more.

What all benefits you will get?

  1. English communication increases income
  2. English skills gets more respect
  3. English gets you more knowledge
  4. English makes travel easier
  5. You can write your own books
  6. makes traveling easy
  7. crack interviews easily.

If you have a passion for dance then don’t delay and join the classes now for better results.